Another Week

Today started out great I was all prepared to write a nice story about two police officers who risked their lives and drive a potential bomb out of Times Square today but before I could even get happy what seems like another terror attack took place in Germany.  So as not to let them win and dominate all the headlines lets atleast discuss a little bit about the police officers in NY.  One of the officers was an immigrant from Afghanistan, so Trump not all immigrants are bad, and became a police officer and when the time came to save innocent lives and risk his own, he did.  I am sure there are many stories everyday about heroes like him, either police officers, military personnel or just generally people doing good things everyday; however, its always overshadowed by something horrible or scary.  I once joked that I wanted to start a rival news network to CNN called GNO or Good New Only but I was constantly reminded that tragedy sells and heart warming good stories get boring and are for Disney movies.  While I do not agree with this 100% there is certainty truth to it and is why we keep hearing of all the bad in the world and very little of the good even with so much information.  In fact, even the Good News Network or top stories are actually not that inspiring or interesting; rather a play on generally bad things.  To give a few examples from today’s headlines on their site:

  1.  Pakistan on Brink of Approving Law Against Honor Killings (are you kidding me, one of the US’s top allies in the war on terror is celebrating maybe getting rid of killing women for no real reason.)
  2. Cops Pay Restaurant Bill for Couple who Refused to Sit Next to Them (This is just awful, people would not sit next to cops, like they are all the same, and come on people that’s just crazy and some-sort of crazy prejudice I cannot even name)
  3. New Photos of Prince George’s Third Birthday Celebrates the Future King (LOOK) (really that is the best you could do to try and make me feel good.



So even a site that is supposed to be good news is really just spinning bad stories, I do not know what is worse.  How was their headline not at least about the two officers who risked their lives two days ago, is that not interesting enough.  I am getting very worried that we are really starting to live in a Gogolian  nightmare, so much so that Trump’s acceptance speech was all doom and gloom.  So to sum it up, things suck, people keep just randomly killing other people and even the Good News Network cannot truly report good news.  NO, I say.  We have to do better, we have to try harder and find the good and bright things in life once in awhile and focus our collective energy on turning the tide so we can have actual good news and destroy the fear and hate mongers who seem to be always dominating everything I read.  I am not some sort of crazy idealist or even a genuine pacifist I am just sick of stupid people doing stupid horrible things and then creating an army of more stupid and horrible people yelling at them and creating more fear and more hatred and spinning into a crazy horrible cycle.  Please if anyone ever does read this, begin posting truly good stories and maybe we can start a trend.



Gregory Shalov

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