Recent Events

Recent events of two black people being shot by police and subsequent riots and have really started to highlight again a fundamental problem this country has and I believe is directly linked to someone like Trump being able to enter politics and tap into peoples’ hatred and use it to try and get elected.

Let me try and explain this thought more thoroughly:

Police make mistakes; however when they make a mistake its life and death and sometimes cannot be taken back.  Its a terrible position to be in and when in a rough neighborhood they are more likely to react with deadly force than a non-violent community.  I am carefully using the word community over race for a reason.  An area that a high crime rate is going to put police more on alert that is just human nature, that’s not an excuse just a fact.  Going into a situation where the area is tough and seeing a gun these officers used deadly force.  Did they use it correctly or incorrectly I have no idea.  Did race play a part in their use of deadly force, maybe, but class played as critical a role as anything else.  The inherent problem is class and race get confused all the time because of the disproportionate amount of black people who live below the poverty line compared with whites.  For instance, according to one government survey 27.4 percent of black people live in poverty compared to only 9.9 percent for whites.  Now how this situation occurred and is continuing to occur is clearly a result of a perpetual cycle that white america created.  How we get out of it and what we do about it has volumes of books written about it and is not something that can be easily tackled but if anyone does eventually read anything I write I would encourage all ideas.  But back to the main point.  The class situation is such that the areas of highest violence have the highest concentration of minorities (black and Hispanic) being the most prevalent.  Now an officer makes a mistake with deadly and tragic consequences in these areas is that racially motivated or based more on class.  I do not have the answer as I do not know every police officer but I do believe that fighting back and forth between minorities and police is a futile exercise.  Both are neither wrong nor right; however, because of the abject poverty of many of these communities and a complete lack of giving a shit by the majority of american people whom else do these communities demonstrate against.  What we really need is true leadership for fundamental change of the entire environment to make the areas safer for its citizens and for the police to protect the community through higher standards of living. It continually makes me angry to here people blame one side or the other as both are actually fighting against the same thing, dangerous areas creating by poverty from decades of racist crap.  We as a society need to get together and figure a way to offer all american people the same opportunities and make a difference in their communities.  Enough fighting among ourselves and more education and fighting the inherent racists who truly suppress the growth and integration of minorities in our country.



Gregory Shalov

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