So Sad

I do not really know why I am writing this accept for the fact that it seems someone does need to start writing about this, although I am sure I could find many articles if I searched enough but alas that cannot stop me, so here goes:

I woke up today to find out about the UK’s decision to exit the EU.  While in and of itself I was not truly informed as to which side or do I truly care which way the vote went it hammered home one point which is truly scary.  People are buying into racist, hate driven messages on a global scale that we haven’t seen since Hitler and no one seems to notice or at least not enough people are talking about.  The reason this vote just continued to hammer it home is look at how it was won and what different people around the world are saying.  Its all about hate and isolationist policy.  Does no one remember what happened after WWI and what happens when you have isolation.  I am not saying you need the EU, or this political party is right or wrong all I am saying is stop blaming entire groups of people for your problems.  It seems to simple to do, take some responsibility for yourself, don’t blame everything on other people and do not hate other people based on color, religion or anything else.  Is it that hard to do?  The amazing (and truly sad) part of what we are seeing is that no matter how much information we now have access to or the social media overload, people can so easily get wrapped up in anger and frustration.  As stupid as this might sound it is very simplified in Star Wars movies.  The dark side is alluring, meaning its very alluring to be told that all your problems and what is wrong in the world is this person’s fault and if we just eliminate them we will be fine.  No, that is not true. Genocide occurs with hatred and no one is better off when millions of people are killed for hate.  I am still having trouble grasping these events and will continue to post about it for my own sanity but should anyone find these posts I hope they simplify to the most basic level what is going on in the world and how we need to get people to see it and to spot it from taking over.


Gregory Shalov

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